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    Setup FB for PHP 4.5.1 to work with linux zend server ce edition




      I'm new to FB and hope that someone can help me.


      Using some tutorials I've found I have installed Zend Server CE on my windows pc and created a project which accesses a database. This is all working as I would expect in that I can introspect the services and everything works.


      As the next phase in my learning I am now trying to move the Zend Server CE onto a seperate RedHat linux server so that the services are not bound to my pc which has a dynamic ip address.


      I used the yum repository to install the zend server ce with php 5.3 support and this all went as expected.


      I've created a new remote project using SSH to access the remote server. When I did this i noticed that the "public" folder and the amf_config.ini and gateway.php files are not automatically created as they were when I used my local pc.


      Also when I create a php service and right click on it the "create php service for flex" option is not available.


      I was hoping that everything would remain the same as when I used the locally installed zend server ce but it seems there is more configuration required and I'm not able to find any current tutorials which cover how to get this working from both the zend server ce side as well as the local flash builder for php settings that need to be set for the project.


      Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to get flash builder for php working with a remote linux copy of zend server?


      There are plenty of tutorials which cover how to do this if you install zend server locally with FB and use localhost and a local webroot....


      Any help would be greatly appreciated... If I work out the steps to do this I would be more than happy to do up a youtube video of the process to help other new users.





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          The main reason for not getting all the benefits you mentioned (including the context menu and the SSH connectivity issues) is that you created a simple Flex project instead of a bound Flex and PHP project. I suggest you to recreate projects by File > New >  Flex and PHP Web or Mobile. (two different options).


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            stevetemp Level 1

            What I would like to do is this.

            In Flash Builder 4.5.1 for PHP I want to create a "Flex and PHP Project"

            I want the PHP project to use the Zend server that I have configured on my linux server ip address.

            In  the flash builder for php, php project I want to be able to create new  functions and classes and then as I do this have them uploaded to the  linux zend server via ssh.

            I also want to be able to "Introspect" the services and have them create the Value Objects in my flex project.

            Then when I debug or launch the project I want it to use the services on the linux server.

            If  you have zend server installed on the same windows pc (localhost) as  flash builder for php all of this works automatically, it creates a  public folder and also generates the gateway.php file automatically and  everything works with out any manual configuration.

            The problem I  have is that I cant figure out how to change it so that it uses the  linux server and I know it's not as easy as just changing the ipaddress  of the server and uploading the files to the linux server webroot as  I've already tried this and it doesn't work.

            I can ping the linux server and access the zend server admin page.
            I  can get the flash builder php project connected to the server  filesystem (via ssh) and have it upload the php as I change them.

            The two things that are not working are Introspect and also the gateway.php and amf_config.ini files are not working.