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    AJA Kona LHe LHi Playback not working


      I'm running two separate Mac Pros that also have Final Cut Pro 7 using a AJA Kona LHe and LHi. Both share the same issues when previewing with a broadcast monitor.FCP works perfect with the Kona cards.


      The video signal seems to drop out during playback and audio drops out as well.


      I have the newest drivers for Kona 9.0.3 and using the 8,5 aja adobe plugin for CS5. I didn't want to install the the AJA Adobe CS5.5 plugins in fear of messing things up.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the control panel and the plugins with no luck, The editor seems to be fine its mainly the playback in the monitor that's not working right.


      Is this a CS5 thing? Will CS5.5 version fix the issues with Kona cards? I'm seriously thinking about moving over to Preimiere but need to know if thgis setup will work.


      Any help would be much appreiciated.