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    Localization of Flex application in Tamil issue




      I'm developing a Flex application that supports  English and Tamil Languages.


      When i applied the localization, application is working fine for English Locale. but it is rendering some of the tamil characters incorrectly. I've updated the property file correctly (property file encoding = utf-8) as shown below.



      The following are output screen shots (on browser IE8) , displays some of the tamil characters incorrectly(wrongly rendered glyphs). i've used Arial Unicode MS font. I tried, a lot, but not able to find a solution. I understood that It may be the fault of rendering the tamil Unicode characters by flash player.


          en_US.png   tm_IN_edit.png                   

      (incorrectly rendered characters are underlined in the above image)


      Please help me how to display the Tamil characters into flex application correctly.



      Thanks in advance,