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    My MacBook Pro Did Not Handle the Program Adobe Reader...



      I have MacOS X, 10.6.8. It did not have Adobe Reader installed. A website I was reading an article on for grad school said, "you need Adobe Reader to use some of the functions…"  I wanted to download an article  and I cold not get it to download so I downloaded Adobe Reader.  I am not sure if there is a specific way to install the program like there was with Adobe Flash, but I clicked the download and now my MBP is not working right.  So I think I better uninstall it first and try to download it again.  Are there specific instructions to download and install Adobe Reader?  or do I just download the program and install it?  For some reason that way messed the macBoo Pro up and now I am having a lot of problems and can't open any pdf files.  I had the same trouble with Flash until someone in the forum told me I had to follow specify instructions that Adobe recommends one follows when installing Flash.  Once I did, or found someone who knew what I was asking for and did not tell me "just download the program and click it…" So can somebody help me uninstall the Adobe Reader and go through the install process?



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          Adobe Reader X for Snow Leopard uses an "installer" to install the app and related support files.

          I miss the old days when (with Cocoa and PowerPCs) one could download the app and just "plop it" in the Applications folder.

          To FULLY uninstall Reader X download a trial of AppDelete and install it.

          Open AppDelete and drag the Reader X application to the window.

          Delete ALL files it finds and empty the trash.




          Download and install Reader X for OS 10.5.8-10.6.7 (Intel) and it should run smoothly.

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            Hey EMU-

            What do I do with the Adobe Reader that I tried to install just by downloading the most rect program? it shows up in my Applications Dock "Applications" folder.  When I click the red icon my MacBookPro freezes and it appears to open first but all I see is up near the Apple are the words "Adobe Reader" but before things freeze up I try to open a pdf file with the Adobe Reader that I installed from this Adobe website nothing happens.  It then freezes and I need to reboot, close Adobe Reader, before I can use the computer.


            So, with your recommendation, what should I do with the Adobe Reader that is on my MBP now. The MBP did not have Reader, so I installed the program that is causing all these problems from this website but clicking the Adobe Reader icon on the webpage that lists the more popular Adobe programs.


            Thanks, and I wish I knew more about how to explain what the problem is.  With the free version of Adobe Reader, what can one do with this free Adobe Reader program?


            As an example, this is the URL that saved me awhile back when everybody was telling me "Just install Adobe Flash."  Don't worrier about following any instructions, but when I followed these suggestions it really messed up my Mac.  I found this URL,http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/865/cpsid_86551.html#ostype=m,prob1=uninst,os=m10.6,  and it saved my life.  So does Reader have Instructions like this or not?



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              Hey EMU-


              where do I get this AppDelete?

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                MacUpdate has a lot of really cool stuff. Most of it is "shareware" meaning you can use a trial but you'll have to pay for it once the trial is up. AppDelete is worth the cost though once you see all the stuff left behind by just dragging an app to the trash.

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                  agree 100%.  It gets old reading "all you have to do is drag the icon to the trash" and the program is gone. 


                  So just to clarify, with what I have on my MBP now concerning Adobe Reader, you are saying use MacUpdate to get rid of Adobe Reader, then go back to the previous link and just download the latest Adobe Reader mac version and install it?  The link you suggested I use (http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/) has everything I need to get the latest Reader on my MBP?


                  Any idea where to find what the free version of Adobe Reader can do (or what I can do) for the user opposed to the one that can be purchased?


                  Just so I do  this right, I want to make sure I understand the process you are suggesting I follow to use the free version of Adobe Reader.


                  Thanks for your help.

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                    No... MacUpdate.com is the site where you can find AppDelete.

                    Not to be confused with Apple Software Update.

                    Two different animals.


                    The BIG difference between Reader and Acrobat (aside from the price) is that with Acrobat, you can create and edit PDFs. Reader only views them unless they have fillable fields, but it still can't change the body of the PDF.

                    Good thing about a Mac is that Preview, which comes with the OS can create and edit PDFs.

                    Unfortunately, a lot of online services like banks, employers and universities don't work play well with Preview in your browser, so you need the Reader add on.


                    So the process is:

                    Download AppDelete from MacUpdate.com

                    Install it and launch it

                    Drag the Reader App to the window.

                    Delete EVERYTHING in the window.

                    Empty the trash.

                    Download the free Reader X app

                    Install it.

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                      EMU-Sorry, I did not say what you think I said.  I am fully aware that MacUpdate.com is where I can get AppDelete.  You had mentioned trial offers so I got confused thinking this app had a trial offer.  I will get it if you say so.  I see a little box to put your email address unless the app goes down in price, think it is worth waiting to see if it gets any lower?  I did actually have one of the apps in this category, and I could never get anybody to respond to my emails so I trashed the app.  it is the first one with the things in the trash can.  Might be good but when you can't reach anybody I figure what good is the app.


                      I am familiar with Apple Updates so not sure where you thought I was thinking they were the same "animal."


                      As far as your explanation about Reader and Acrobat, I will say that I was confused because without even installing Adobe Reader, the Preview is kind of like a pdf file but as you said is very limiting.  As far as Acrobat, I have no idea what that is.  I was talking about the various Adobe Readers.  When I first installed the free version of Reader, I was taken to this page where they had all these various types of Reader.  Some you pay for, some you do not.  some are really expensive, some are less.  As far as Acrobat, I have no idea what Acrobat is and I was not even aware that Acrobat was related to Reader.


                      I do want the free Adobe Reader because it allows me to mess around with the pdf's.  Just as I told you I am kind of retarded when it comes to computer hardware and software you would think I was born in 1800.  For some resin this stuff is so hard for me to grasp.  I have no idea why it just is.


                      I have a coupon to get $100 off any Verizon smartphone, or mobile hotspot.  My Verizon (sorry I changed the topic just for a second because you seem smart so I am throwing this one at you.  LoL) contract has expired.  so they keep trying to get me to purchase a 4G phone, the Verizon iPhone, a data (hot spot) mobile device, but I have never had a phone where I could send a text message or anything fancy like that.  I have never even sen t a text message.  So in looking at the phones, I read that the Droid x2 I think it is is the best Droid 4G phone.  However, apparently in Salt Lake City, they do not have 4G everywhere and ust as my luck has it, I am right on the border of Verizon's 4G or Verizon's 3G.  I realize most devices and phones can switch back and forth but I heard that sometimes does not work the way it is supposed to.


                      so, not to change the topic at all but do you think I should get a Verizon iPhone or wait until the next iPhone generation comes out?  I heard the iPhone 5 will be coming out soon.


                      Back to Reader, I already moved it to the Trash and now I can't find any Reader files or Reader anything.  When you say Reader x app, there was one webpage that messed my computer up by downloading the installer for Reader.  I went to the webpage you told me to use, which is different then the other one.  The one you told me to use is here.  This is the one I download, which will show up in my download folder on the dock.  The URL is

                      http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/ right?

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                        The only thing I am worried about is that the app does not tell you what to delete it gives you the files, folders, etc besides the main program and you have to know what to do with all the other stuff it is telling you is associated with the app.  I am not sure I would know if I should get rid of what they are showing me or if I should not.  when you are stupid like I am in this area, too many options makes things worse.  So I hope the app makes the decision for me.  if it is associated with a program I want to delete, it should tell me to trash it all.


                        Anyway, thanks for your help.  If you have any suggestions on Verizon devices or their version of the iPhone, give me some advice on what you would do.  I currently have their MiFI200 mobile hot spot for 3G which has been a pain in the xss. They keep telling me it is because of where I live.


                        OK, I hope I can get this Reader free version installed.  with the free version can I create pdf files or just do a little more than what the Preview OS version allows me to do?


                        Again, thanks.