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    Question on Interactive Display


      I am doing an interactive display for school and it includes 2 games and 5 movies.  I have it all set up the way I want it, but I have a HUGE problem, my movies will not play!!  I am using 2 different codes, one for the games and one for the movies, they are below:

      Games Code: loadMovie("filename.swf" , 1);

      Movie Code: container.loadMovie("filename.swf");


      The movie code has worked before, but for some reason it is not working now!  If ya'll have a different code for uploading .swf games and movies please let me know!!  These are all being uploaded and I am navigating them through by buttons and those seem to work great!  Another thing, I have it set at 2 fps but some things get cut out because it goes too fast, but if I slow it down anymore the games won't work.  Can someone please help me with this one?  Thanks in advance!



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you want to load into a level, use loadMovieNum:




          if that fails, you have an incorrect path and/or file name.


          if container.loadMovie("filename.swf") fails, you have an incorrect path and/or file name and/or an incorrect target movieclip (container).  or it may be working and you don't realize it because of container's properties.


          for more specific help, you'll need to copy and paste the relevant code.