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    Encoding is crazy slow and using hardly any CPU power


      I"m not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I have an animation I'm creating from Google SketchUp.  I've generated a lot of .jpg's to compile into an animation (about 9 minutes of animation at 30 fps).  I'm exporting them to h.264 format at something like 1080x720 resolution or so and it's been encoding for 10 hours now with another estimated 6 hours to go.  That seems ridiculously slow for 9 minutes of animations.


      I'd chalk it up to just being a long process (I don't use Premiere much) but it seems excesive and I have a very high end computer (intel 980x processor and a good workstation nvidia graphics card along with 18 gigs of RAM.  It's using something like 10 gigs of RAM but it's not even touching the CPU.  Does that make any sense?  Is there some setting I'm missing somewhere?