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    Can not refresh ValueObject after altering database table

    jeremyhh Level 1

      Hello All,


      In FB4, in order to refresh a service, I used to

      - select a service operation

      - select configure return type

      - select auto-detect

      - hit next and on the follow page select the existing ValueObject

      ...it would update.


      As far as I can see, this does not work in FB4.5.  Instead, after selecting auto-detect and clicking next:

      There was an error while invoking the operation. Check your operation inputs or server code and try invoking the operation again.
      Reason: Warning: mysqli_stmt_bind_result(): Number of bind variables doesn't match number of fields in prepared statement in...


      Is there a way to refresh a ValueObject.  Clicking refresh is a no go.


      Thanks for your help!