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    Adobe X - How to default to open with navigation bar and full screen?

    JasonRPh Level 1



      I had been using Adobe 9.  But then a few weeks ago it ran into a "search" bug in which the word being searched wouldn't highlight on the page.  So...I switched to Adobe X.


      Here is my problem.  When I open a PDF file now, it defaults to having this "Navigation Pane" open on the left (paper clip, binoculars, etc).  For every document I use I have to "close" this pain (right click, select close), which then triggers this little tool on the bottom of the document to open up, which I then have to click the "Show Adobe Reader Toolbar" button to get the toolbar I need at the top of the screen.  Then I need to click "fit to window length and enable scrolling."


      This seems like a LOT of steps to get to where I used to be.


      Any thoughts or help?


      Thanks in advance,