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    Help - not able to add icons in flash cs5.5 ipa


      I have created a ipad app using flash cs5.5 which works great until I try to add the different icon fils sized (29x29, 48x48, etc) to the icon tab.  When I add all of the icons I receive teh below error message.


      Note that I was able to successfully create the .ipa file ONLY when I used just the 48x48 icon.  However, I was unable to load that ipa to apple using the Packager as I received another error message that the Small-File-50 icon needed to be a size of 72x72.


      I have tried to manually add the data to the xml file as well as tried different configurations (standard vs. high setting, iphone and ipad, ipad, etc.)  ,


      I also successfully created the app in 5.0 and was able to upload it to Apple using the packager so I believe the issue is being able to add the icons similar to how 5.0 lets you.  It appears in 5.5 the App Icons for publish directory is not created in the same way so perhaps that is the issue?  I even tried creating my own AppIconsForPublish folder but that did not work either.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you!


      Adobe Error.jpg