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    Please help- need to group (count) data when using a column chart



      I have been faced with a tricky problem lately.


      I have a table that has a total_score column (total scores could be pretty much anything 1- 1000). I want to graph those scores using a column chat. I want "number of games" on the vertical axis, and score of games on the horizontal axis.

      The tricky part is, I don't just want to graph my scores exactly how I get them from the SQL call, I want to group them. For example, I want to graph how many score are between 1 and 20, then how many scores are between 21 and 40, etc, all of the way up to 500. Ideally, I would like to have my query of SELECT total_score from mytable, then find a way to group/count those games when it gets to flex. my query doesn't magically group the scores, so I would like the chart to do that. I don't store the scores in my table as grouped (20, 40, 60 80, etc.), I store them how it was actually scored (18, 16, 15, 25, 30, 83, etc.) and I want to be able to gound the number of games that were scored in that interval. Does this question make sense much?

      Please help! Thanks in advanced


      I have agood example of what I want to do, it will look something like this: