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    FormItem scale height

      Is there a way to make the height of a textarea inside a formitem scalable? I've tried different ways and I understand the height of a textinput should stay the size of one character, but why can't I make the textarea automatically fills up the space when the panel gets bigger? It works with the width property...

      <mx:Panel width="65%" height="80%" layout="absolute" verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0" id="pnlQuestion">
      <mx:Form width="100%" height="100%" left="0" top="0" id="frmVraag">
      <mx:FormItem label="Name" width="100%" id="frmName" >
      <mx:TextInput id="txtName" width="100%" />
      <mx:FormItem label="Question" width="100%" id="frmQuestion" >
      <mx:TextArea width="100%" height="80%" wordWrap="true" id="txtQuestion">