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    AE Median Effects BUG ???

    AtonMusic Level 2

      Hi There,


      I have come across this weird problem with the median effect.


      I apply it to a FullHD clip set to Full Quality.

      I up the Radius to 6 and then the preview bar starts advancing. It does so for at least 60 Seconds.

      Then it becomes an Indeterminate progress bar and that will spin for another 200 seconds at least.


      Then I open Boris' Median which is just as good in quality an apply that to the same clip.

      That takes 1 second or less to establish a preview.


      This is AE 5.5


      I dont know whether this is a BUG or a behavior.


      So if anyone can confirm this, it would be nice.


      As of now, I have to stop using AE's Median and use that from Boris.