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    About Developer Key

      A Developer Key is needed while developing a stratus-based app through the NetConnection.connect(). I am wondering what is this developer key for?
      Is this key used for restrict the total sum of users who are using the Stratus service? or is this just for informing Adobe of how many developers are now invloved in this project?
      Besides, I want to know the capability of Adobe stratus. How many P2P video chat connection can be supported at one time?

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee
          at the current time, the developer key serves two purposes:

          1) it ensures developers have accepted the Adobe Stratus Beta Service Terms of Use

          2) it helps us to understand and analyze usage of and interest in the service


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            So, there are no any restrictions on a single key, isn't it?

            Is it ok to serve, for example, more than 1000 users simultaneously with a single key in our p2p application based on Stratus?

            Can we develop such applications right now?

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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              there are currently no such restrictions.  in fact, i would personally like to see at least a few applications each with a few thousand simultaneous real users running on the system.

              if your application uses so many resources on Stratus that it will negatively impact others, we'll contact you.  a few thousand simultaneous users should not be a problem, though.  if you think you may have more than 10,000 simultaneous users for your application (not an official limit or anything, just a number i made up based on how i know the system is built out), please contact us ahead of time so we can talk about it with you and make sure we're ready for that load.
              keep in mind that Stratus is a beta service and is "as-is".  while we make a reasonable effort to keep it running smoothly, we don't guarantee that.

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                Still no release date for use in production mode?

                Or a release date for an integration with FMS?