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    Flex UI and Restful Web Service deployed on same tom cat container.


      Hi folks,


          I have a deployment, where I have a RestFul Web Service [b](war[/b]) and a Flex UI [b](war)[/b] on the same Tom Cat Server.


          I can access the flex UI




          I can also access the RestFul web service




          So bottom line is that every thing is working fine individually.


          [b]  The Problem:[/b]


                When I try accessing the RestFul Web Service within the Flex UI. It says Internal Server Error. What's the issue ?.  BTW, I am trying to access the RESTful web service from the Flex UI by using the ip. Should work right ?.


                BTW : Is it okay to deploy both the Flex UI and the RESTful Web Service wars on the same tom cat container ?. What is this issue I am running in to.