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    Export multiple objects as a snippet with javascript and Snippet/s classes


      Is it possible?

      I spent a whole day to find a way to export a few objects as a snippet without grouping. The biggest step in this direction was made when I created a snippet with


      var new_snippet = new Snippet ( my_page_items ); // quite experimental

      current_spread.pageItems[ current_spread.pageItems.length ] = new_snippet;



      I was nearly there—when placing, the resulting snippet had even correct preview, but ony the first of exported objects was placed actually.


      IDMS file is twice less in size compared to a snippet made with manual export and has only this first object in section where spread is described.

      The manually exported and script-generated (through grouping before export) are identical except the aditional group wrapping contents of the snippet. I can delete this group in xml, but some snippets should be a single group, so it is not a way. And automating this would be another headache.


      Indesign has Snippets and Snippet classes, but I did not found any traces of practical use of these. Maybe they could help. Any ideas?