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    Sudden issues with audio distortion when exporting (in any format)


      Hey guys,


      This is my first post on the forum, because I've been searching this, and google for days on this issue, to no avail.


      Here is a short sample of the issue


      This clip was exported in H.264, with the preset HDTV 720p 29.97 High Quality.




      As you can hear, REAL issues with the audio. And it's not just this codec. I've tried nearly every setting, using every variation on audio codecs that Premiere will allow, and still get the same result.


      Also, when I try to cue these exports with Adobe Media Encoder, they will just never start. If I start the queue manually, it will freeze. And if I allow the 2 minutes to count down, it will still never start the file. Often just stopping when the elapsed time gets anywhere between 30-45 seconds.


      The original footage was shot in .MOV format at 1080p if that is important.


      The reason I say this is a sudden issue, is because up until 3 or 4 days ago, I could export everything perfectly. Then suddenly, I got an export that had bad audio, but the issue went away for a bit, only to return again with more frequency. I'm now to the point where no amount of restarting or reloading projects will get it to export correctly. I'm now ALWAYS having this issue.


      I'm working on a big documentary project premiering a week from today, so any help I can get with this is greatly appreciated!!


      EDIT: I just realized I didn't give much background info. I'm running Premier Pro CS5.0.0 on a MacBook Pro, 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, running OS X 10.6.7