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    My imported objects distort when I rotate them

    ZeroCubed Level 1

      I'm importing objects from illustrator into After Effects, but when I rotate them they distort. I also noticed that the anchor points for my objects are way off, but readjusting those anchor points doesn't help to alleviate the rotation problem.


      I'm usig the CS3 suite, if that helps.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'd guess that you're working in a non square project. I'd also guess that you have some square pixel images that are being interpreted as non square.


          Please give us the specs of your project so that we can help you. There's about a zillion combinations that can cause problems, but they all go away if your footage is interpreted at the pixel aspect ratio that it was created in.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            If you don't know about pixel aspect ratios, which Rick is referring to, see this page.

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              catherinepleased Level 1

              i'm having this problem and am wondering how I fix it, i clicked "toggle pixel aspect ration correction" but nothing is happening.


              images are vectors from illustrator cc being used in after effects cc. any other specs i would need to know how to find them to provide them.



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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                AI does not know such a thing as a pixel aspect ratio. All AI artwork has by default square pixels, hence you have to work in square pixel comps to begin with.



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                  catherinepleased Level 1

                  my problem seems to be with rotating when a child of a null object, it warps

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If you create an artboard in Illustrator or a canvas on Photoshop that is the same dimensions as any standard non square pixel frame size like 720 x 480 AE will incorrectly interpret the images as non square pixels. You need to check by selecting the asset in the project panel and checking the info just right of the thumbnail preview. 

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                      mtruchon007 Level 1

                      Got the same problem and resolve it really easy. When I was rotating a square, for exemple, it was distorted like this:



                      I just activated a little botton called in french : activer / desactiver la correction de pixels (that could be translate in to activate / desactivate the pixels correction). The button is under the comp sceen at the side of the camera view selection. Like you see, when I activated the button the problem was solved with.PNG

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                        Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                        These could be 2 separate cases here. one is non square aspect ration settings, the other is skewed perspective caused by parenting. Case #1 is the first thing you should check and this is that you are working with square pixels in your composition settings. if you are, and you still get warping as you rotate, it's probably Case #2.


                        Case #1 - Non Square Aspect ration settings

                        in a case where you get distorted images in your composition (either with rotation or without) for example you draw a square with the rectangle tool and hold the shift key to constrain proportions and you get a rectangular instead of a square, or your imported graphics seem squashed or stretched, the problem is you probably you accidentally chose a preset that's not set to square pixels. more often than not, users accidentally choose the HDV preset instead of HDTV720/1080

                        what you should do is NOT click the pixel aspect ratio correction.

                        but set your composition settings to the right preset from the start i.e Square Pixel aspect ratio. if there are already layers and precomps and animation, it could get trickier to set everything back, there are ways to get around that too. if you render a file that has non square pixel aspect ratio, it could show the distorted version when you watch it, and even if your player do correct it - the stretching can cause some aliasing artifacts.


                        so you actually need to change your composition settings from this:

                        to this


                        Case #2 - Skewed perspective caused by parenting

                        if you are in square pixels in your composition settings, and your are still getting distortion only when you rotate then this is a different issue. this is one of the rare cases when parenting can surprise you. there's actually a lot going under the hood when you parent, and Ae does a good job of hiding it. to make it short: if a parent has been scaled non-uniformly, and a child is attached, the child's shape will skew when it's rotated. to fix this, place a null between the parent and the child.


                        Case of point:

                        1. take a square place it in your composition.

                        2. Create a Null and change it's scale to 100%,50%

                        3. Attach the square to the null so the null is the parent and the square is the child


                        4. Rotate the square


                        this unexpected behavior is the result of Ae having to compensate the scale differences between the child and the parent. it does a good job for position and rotation, but non-uniform scale is where it does not.


                        What to do now?


                        a quick way to resolve this (after you reset your rotation of course) is to attach another parent, making the original parent a grandpa.


                        had to go to my Ae Bible to make sure I explain this properly. this is it: https://www.amazon.com/Creating-Motion-Graphics-After-Effects/dp/0240814150/ . this is also explained in the Meyer's Lynda course here After Effects Apprentice 07: Parenting. well what do you know! you are in luck because this one is actually free to everybody : https://www.lynda.com/After-Effects-tutorials/Dealing-non-uniform-scale-issues/79652/11689 1-4.html

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