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    Need Help- ADE Won't Open New Library Books




      I am having a problem with my ADE.  I use it for my Overdrive Digital Library Books.  ADE will open and display previously downloaded digital books (that have not yet expired) but when I download, save and try to open new digital library books, ADE opens up but the does nothing- will not open or display new book, and gives me no visible error messages.


      The only change I made recently was to right click and go into settings for Adobe Flash Player, and I increased the "local store size" to "unlimited" (on advice from another thread I read where people were having issues opening larger documents in ADE.


      I have already tried deleing the "restore" sub-folder in the "My Digital Editions" folder, and then closing ADE, then re-downloading, and saving then trying to open the new book again (on advice I found in another thread); however I still am having the same problem- ADE opens, but does not display the new book and I can only open and read previously downloaded books.


      I am a Windows XP Professional user with all Micorosoft updates and service packs up to date.


      If someone would please respond with what I should try next I would greatly appreciate it.