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    ANNC: New Localization Article posted on DevNet

    johndaigle Level 4
      Some RoboHelp Forum visitors may not be aware of the Adobe Developer Network. Ben Minson has posted an excellent article that covers best practices for localization. It also covers new features in Adobe RoboHelp 8.

      Managing Localized Adobe RoboHelp 8 Projects

      Thanks, Ben
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          Radha Renga
          Hi John,

          This article is quite enlightening on the localization procedure. We are on RH7 and are moving to RH8 in another couple of weeks. My compamy is looking at localizing their application in the future release and are asking me
          how the structure of the help system would like. This article is a perfect help for me to structure my help file folders and topics and to instruct our developers in the right sense.

          Thanks a lot for the info; it has come to me at the right time.
          Many thanks to Ben Minson for the procedure.


          PS: I had problems loading the pages in my IE 7.0. IE would hang when I press the 'Next' button.
          May be an issue with my machine.