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    Master page problem - CS5

    jay fresno Level 1

      I have a facing page document with  many master pages. Almost all of the master pages are based on a single  main master page. That single main master has thumb tabs on the left  and right pages. The thumb tabs are just shapes drawn in InDesign. On  top of each thumb tab is a piece of text, centered on the thumb tab and  rotated 90 degrees to be read vertically. The masters that are based on  the main master use only one thumb tab and its corresponding text label.


      This  is all working fine when the left and right facing pages in the  document use the same master page. However, sometimes I need the left  page to use one master and the right page to use another master page.  What happens in that case is the the right-hand page uses its master  just fine. But the left-hand page displays only the text label for the  thumbtab, and not the thumbtab itself.


      I've tried  everything to fix this, and nothing fixes it. If I make the thumb tab  and its text label into an override, it shows just fine. However, I  don't want overrides throughout the document that will cause problems  later as pages are added or deleted.


      If anyone can help with this I'd surely appreciate it!

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Just guessing here…


          You overrode (Command-Shift-Clicked) the text label for the tab, but not the background graphic, on the left-hand pages you want to change. This made the text label a permanent part of the page, regardless of Master Page used, but had no effect on the background graphic. So when you switched to a different Master Page, only the text label was retained, but not the background graphic. Either make sure the tabs are also on the new Master Page you are using or make sure you override the background graphic for the tab as well as the text label.

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            jay fresno Level 1


            Thanks for your reply. I am doing all those things. Maybe it is a bug in InDesign.

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              Scott Falkner Level 5

              I would not conclude that until a pro has looked at the file. I say that being completely ignorant of your skill level with InDesign, but fully aware of mine.


              You could let someone here see the file. Save a copy with any confidential or incriminating text or images removed, zip it, then post it online somewhere. Paste a link to that online file in a reply.


              If you have a Dropbox account the easiest way is to put the ZIP file in your Dropbox/Public folder then right-click on it and Copy Public Link. If you don’t have Dropbox, then shame on you! This link will get you started and give a small boost to my available space.

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                Scott Falkner Level 5

                Jay contacted me off-list and emailed a link to the file.


                It is set up with one 2-page master with all the tabs (A-Master). Other masters are based on this master and have all but one tab overridden and deleted, making one master for each section. Probably not how I would do it, but not a bad system. At least it gives you one page to edit to move or edit all the tabs at once.


                For the page in question, only the left-hand page (#52) is using master SC, the page with only the “Sport Center” tab. The right hand page is using a different master. The text label is showing, but the empty tab frame is not. The text frame does not bleed, but the tab does. If I edit the tab on A-Master so it does not bleed it fixes the problem on page 52.


                So, if you use only the left side of a 2-page master, bleed items (or at least some bleed items) do not show. I would call this a bug.


                The solution, for now, is to copy the tab from A-Master and use Edit > Paste in Place to manually add it to page 52.


                Edit: I think the bug is triggered if the object’s origin is in the pasteboard. The origin is the top left corner when the object was drawn. I duplicated the tab, rotated it 180°, swapped which corners were rounded, then put it back in the same place as the original. I then deleted the original. Now the origigin is the bottom right corner, which is in the page, not on the pasteboard. This works.

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                  jay fresno Level 1



                  Thank you so much for examining the file, and for being so thorough. This solves the problem for me.

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                    Scott Falkner Level 5

                    You’re welcome. Fun exercise.


                    Hey! Grand slam!

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                      jay fresno Level 1



                      One my comment. You mentioned that you would not have set up the document the same way. I'm open to other ideas and interested to know what your method would be, if you wouldn't mind describing how you would have set up the document.

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                        Scott Falkner Level 5

                        I would probably have set it up without that A-Master. I would have a master page for each section, but not base it on the master with all the tabs. I can see the advantage of that, and bow to your experience actually setting up and working with this file — specific experience I do not have. InDesign is a versatile and complex program. as such, it presents many valid ways to accomplish similar results. Often no one way is the only correct way. What works for you is the right way for you.

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                          Stix Hart Level 5

                          What's a grand slam?  All 3 marks and 15 points?!  lol! 

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                            jay fresno Level 1

                            ... And you deserved every one of those points!