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    Disappearing layers

    Virginia Carter

      I was working on a PNG in Fireworks (CS5.1) and started getting "An internal error occurred" -- the double error message. I shut down FW. When I went to open the file I had just been working on, the layers were missing. If I do these steps:  File > Open and then select the file, I see the preview, which shows the entire file with all the images/pieces. But then when I actually open it, all the layers are missing.


      Anyone know what's up with this?



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Hi Virginia. That kind of problem is sometimes caused by a corrupted or nmissing font. Have you installed or deleted any since you created the file?

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            Virginia Carter Level 1

            Hi, Linda! Thanks for the reply -


            Unfortunately, I wasn't doing anything, really. Actually - I take that back...I was researching something online via Google and was visiting some sites, so I was alt-tabbing back and forth between Mozilla Firefox and Fireworks. That was it -- no new fonts or anything like that. I'm still able to see the complete file on a preview, but everything but a few layers disappears once I open the file.


            I had to just start the whole thing over from scratch.


            Hopefully it won't happen again! But if it does, I'd love to know why it did it that way.