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    Updating record with submit button

    Theora Gibson
      Hi there!

      I'm trying to allow someone to update the "pagecontent_con" column of a table by using the Update Record Server Behavior as detailed here.

      These are the values from the pop-up menu:

      Submit values from: Updating (the name of the form)
      Connection: Content (the name of the connection)
      Update Table: Content (the name of the table)
      'primary_con' Does Not Get a Value (this is just an auto-incrementing numerical field)

      'pagename_con' Is An Unused Primary Key (this is the field used to identify the record)

      'pagecontent_con' Gets Value From 'FORM.textarea' As 'text' (this is the field I want to update)

      'updated_con' Does Not Get a Value (this is just a timestamp)

      After Updating Go To: admin.php (the previous page

      When I clicked "OK" to accept this, I got a message that said "Please submit at least one column as a primary key." 'pagecontent_con' is the only one that gave me the option to click the Primary Key checkbox, so I tried that. When I clicked "OK" to accept again, I got a new message that said "Please specify a value for at least one of the columns."

      But I did! " 'pagevalue_con' Gets Value from 'FORM.textarea'." The kicker is that typing either of these error messages into Google returns no results. Any idea what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

      Following is the code for my form, in case it helps; the name of the page and the initial value are dynamically generated: