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    Premiere Pro, XDcam, FCP, MacPro, Videocard and Add Hardware Question

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      Hi People,


      After I started out editing on Avid, more than 10 years ago, I started editing with Premiere Pro more than 5 years ago. After that I actually stopped editing as core-business and started doing 3d Animation and teaching non-media students how to edit with Premiere Elements. All that is done now. We are a new startup company right now and I waited with my choice of editing until FCPX was to arrive. Well, now it's here and I have some questions. (mind, I feel quite noobish but I have neglected most developments for a couple of years, shame on me!)


      - I'll be the single mediadesigner (we have audio, programmers, cameracrew, but i'll do the post)

      - I'll be using Photoshop, Aftereffects and 3dmax/Cinema4d

      - We ordered an XD Cam and that will be our main footage.


      Question 1: Can I use FCPX in this setting?



      - We have Mac Pro, 8 core systems with 20gb memory and an ATI HD5770 grafic card.


      Question 2: Does that work well with FCPX/XDCAM?


      If not:
      - I waited for FCPX but I am not sure if it will fit my workflow. I looked at my old partner, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

      - But I see some troubles there too


      Question 3: Does de Mercury Engine not work the videocard (Ati Radeon HD5770)?

      Question 4: Is XDCAM editable on a non supported videocard on a MacPro 8 core?


      I am looking for some other upgrades too. Could you give me advise, pls add what things would work on FCP/APP:
      Question 5a: Card for outputting my video to a reference monitor
      Question 5b:  External Data

      Question 5c:  Reference Monitor (We use EIZO monitors for editing)
      Question 5d:  Hardware Accelation
      Question 5e:  Other advice?


      Many Many thanks!


      Oh wait!!!

      Question 6: Will it be possible to put a Thunderbolt card into a current model Mac Pro?