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    Copy and paste effects to other clips

    Crooked Path Films Community Member

      Well I've exported my sequence from Premiere and am slowly trying to work with the audio in Audition without pulling my hair out.  The biggest problem I have is the lack of ability to copy effects applied to one clip and paste over other multiple clips.  I figured if this was possible in Premiere it should e in Audition, but sadly it is not.  The best I could do is save a preset...is that the only option?  And can I apply a saved preset to multiple clips?    Most of all I like to run normalize and reverb effects to several clips at a time, but geez not being able to do this makes me just want to do it all in premiere and only edit a clip in Audition one at a time if absolutely needed.    Seems like Audition has some features it could really use before it is efficient for production work.  In Protools I can use alt+shift drag to copy to other clips.