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    Lumix FZ100 settings




      I have recently purchased a Lumix FZ100 bridge camera.


      I was wondering which is the correct project setting to use.


      The camera records in AVCHD 1080i mode, and there dosen't appear to be setting on Prem9 for this.


      any help would be appreciated.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          OF COURSE there are project settings for AVCHD 1080i -- in both 1440x1080 and 1920x1080 formats. (Your camera shoots in 1920x1080 50i (PAL) and 60i (NTSC)). This preset is located under AVCHD, not DSLR.


          50i video is listed as AVCHD 25, while 60i is listed as AVCHD 30.


          Where are you looking and what are you seeing?


          If you'd like to see how to set up a project for AVCHD, check out part 1 of my free 8-part Basic Training tutorials at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            And of course my books cover this kind of thing in great detail.


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              enfield250 Level 1

              Thanks Steve,


              I see that now, it's just that the settings above actually say AVCHD, the others just say Full HD 1080i.


              I have experimented with different settings and cannot find any that are suitable.


              If I play the .mts files on my tv the quality is excellent, just what you would expect from an HD video,

              full screen no pixilation or judder and the sound is excellent.


              However when I edit them and try and make a movie the quality is very poor.


              I have copied the files from the SD card to the hard drive.


              I have set the project settings  in Prem9 to Full HD 1080i


              I have then shared them as:


              1. Pal DVD Widescreen. good quality but motion extremely jerky. Full screen.


              2. H264 1080i. motion not as jerky , but picture quality awful not at all clear, all mushy. Not full screen


              3. MPEG2 1080i. again motion quite smooth but picture not clear and noisy. Not full screen.


              4. MPEG Multimedia. Absolutley terrible. Not full screen.


              When played on the built in media player on my Samsung 37c530 tv, in picture mode 2.


              The picture when shown in normal mode on my tv is very small.


              When played on the pc they files are fine.


              The results from my Canon MVX25i camcorder are very good, in DVD widescreen  but, not HD quality.


              My system has an AMD Athlon II X3 440 processor running at 3GHz


              I have 4gb of ram.


              Graphics ATI X1250 256mb intergrated.


              The C drive is 175Gb sata.


              The multimedia drive is 1.5Tb sata.


              The scratchpad is 325Gb sata


              Operating system Win7 Home premium 64-bit.


              Any ideas wou;ld be helpful.



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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Your computer specs change nothing.


                Your project settings much match your video, as I explained above, in order for you to effectively edit your video and get good results.


                When your settings match your video you will not see a red line above the clips on your timeline unitl you add effects or transitions to them.


                If, after you've added effects, you render your timeline whenever you see red lines above the clips on your timeline (by pressing Enter -- the red lines will turn green), you should have no problems.