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    How to do a very smooth slo-mo in after effects


      How do a very smooth slo-mo in after effects....please help i really need this.....tnx

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You are asking for the magic button without providing any info. How much of a slowdown? What footage? Every job will be different. There simply are no magic settings that work on every shot. I suggest that for starters you read up on using the Timewarp effect and time-remapping and also look into third-party solutions like Twixtor, then come back with more specific questions and some details about your project...



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            AtonMusic Level 2

            1) The Effect Way


            Take you clip and drag in onto the new composition icon

            Enter the composition settings

            Set it to twice its current length

            Exit Comp settings

            Drag THAT composition onto a new composition and go to FX>Time and drag TimeWarp onto the layer.

            If you use the default settings your clip will become half speed.


            Please refer to the Manual to understand the parameters.


            Now render your movie out.



            2) The up to double or tripple Fps way


            Drag your clip onto the new composition icon

            Let us assume that your clip is i.e. 29.97

            Enter the composition settings and set Frames Per Second to either the double or triple amount of the current clip's Fps.

            Extend the length of your composition accordingly.

            Exit composition settings

            Enable Frame Blending and make sure you set it to pixel motion.

            Render the video out (make sure the frame rate is set to that of the composition)

            After rendering out, import the movie again which is now either 59.94 or 89.91 (Depending on double or tripple)

            Select it and choose (right-click) interpret footage - in the dialog select your original FPS - in this case 29.97

            Exit out of interpret footage dialog

            Now drag it on to a new comp icon. It will play back in nice slow motion


            PLEASE, refer to manual on Pixel motion etc along with any other term you dont understand.



            To get optimum and best results you would typically want to use a combination of both above scenarios.

            But that would be too much right now... Given that you are inexperienced in creating SM....

            Experiment with it and in no time you will have marvelous SM.



            Hope this helps

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              ChrisJohnwantshelp Level 1

              wow this really helps me a lot thank you very much!!!