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    Spark List and Spark  Daragrid dont share same ancestors?

    levancho Level 3



      I just realized that from mx perspective where list and dataGrid shared same ancestor, and dataProvider property was on ListBase level

      its not the case in spark, dataGrid extends SkinnableContainerBase  and list extends SkinnableDataContainer

      actually dataProvider have been moved down to Datagrid level so I am having hard time figuring out the way to create a skinableComponent that has list of items and to allow skin to choose between displaying those items via list or via datagrid,  the only thing I really  want them to share is the dataprovider property.


      I could of course create two optional skin parts but that sounds  ittle combursome,or I could create two components one for only lists and another one explicitly for dataGrid that also sounds wrong, all these is kind of pushing me to go ahead and use mx LisBase but then again that sems like going backwards as well ...



      any suggestions?