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    raid0 or SSD for i7-2720QM 2.2 GHz + nVidia Quadro 3000M 2Gb (Premiere)?


      Dear All,


      while reading on different mobile (notebooks) options for editing I came across

      that discussion where it was said

      "This prevents one to use a nVidia MPE capable video card AND a raid controller".


      I'm not so much into hardware, i'm comfotable building myself PC towers (and I recently built one for editing),

      and now I just need some mobile solution and looking for a notebook to edit AVCHD.

      One can configure Dell m6600 to have a raid0 (500 Gb 7200) and a nVidia Quadro 3000m (2Gb GDDR5) with an

      i7 2720QM 2.2GHz processor.


      And now I'm a bit puzzled with that quote. Will I really benifit from that raid0+Quadro in Premiere 5.5 MPE?

      Or it's better to go for SSD and some external raid0 via eSata/USB3.0?

      I hope Mr Harm Millaard will comment on that.


      Thank you in advance,


      Kind regards,