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    RTMFP Video Stream on Mobile

    andrewbruce01 Level 1

      I have recently been testing a p2p video connection on mobile and the video is very choppy. My video source is running from a webcam on a desktop computer and I am able to log in and play the stream no problem with no choppiness on another desktop computer.

      I checked my mobile bandwidth on a 3G connection and it is over 500kBps down. I am only recieving the stream on mobile, no publishing. I have reduced my published stream to 32kBps and the choppiness is still there. Even at 16kBps and 8kBps I still have significant choppiness.


      When I go to stream via RTMP to my mobile device with the same network conditions, the chopiness goes away and the stream seems perfect.


      I am using Flash Builder 4.5.1 and AIR 2.6.


      Has anyone else tried rtmfp to stream to mobile? What are your results?





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          Hello Andrew,

          I am working on a p2p video application using rtmfp.


          I have 2 audio/video streams: desktop pc --> iphone and the other way round. Video is taken from camera.


          I have no choppy video.

          I use a quality of 80 and default resolution/fps for Camera.

          Platform: AIR 2.7 and Flash CS 5.5.


          But audio/video stream from pc to iPhone has very long latency that i am attempting to reduce with a NetStream.bufferTime = 0.3 (in and out) and with low compression request.

          iPhone seems not to handle fast the incoming/outgoing media flow (i receive some NetStream.Buffer.Empty on pc side).