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    How to make in text hyperlinks "hot"


      How do I make in-text hyperlinks "hot" (work) when exporting from InDesign CS5.5 to SWF? Buttons work, but in-text hyperlinks don't. Thanks!

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          Hi there i am sorry but can't help you but I wondered if you could help me with my issue as I cant get the buttons to work with a hyperlink to a web address from a swf file. Have used the hyperlinks get URL and the just put my web address in. That didn't work so I then put in a get url code in there and the button started to respond but the link didn't go the the address it just stayed in the route folder and said it couldn't find my web address.  Can you help and what script did you use in indesign cs5.5 to make a button work for a go to a website button on a swf file  Thanks in advance  Ian