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    .mov MPEG-4 codec issue CS5


      I use a display that just constantly repeats a video non stop. I have been using AE CS3 (windows) to create the videos which are quicktime .mov with mpeg4 codec. Nothing special there. Well i up graded to CS5 (mac) a day ago. Now all the videos i render with AE CS5 freeze at the end of the video on the display, and cannot repeat. Now i have taken the same .mov file that was created on CS5 and re-render it in CS3 and it works fine. i have made sure that i have been selecting the same quicktime .mov mpeg4 format settings in CS5 as i did in CS3. I cant understand what exactly is causing this issue in CS5, im thinking its a mpeg4 codec issue. Its as if something is messing up at the end of the render. the video plays fine just freezes up at the end on the display. I dont have any issues when i use AE CS3.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Do you have QuickTime Pro? If so, you should be able to modify the .mov file to make it loop.


          As far as changes in QuickTime behavior with After Effects CS5: Because Apple doesn't provide a 64-bit QuickTime, the newly 64-bit After Effects CS5 isn't able to communicate directly with QuickTime, so we had to write an intermediate layer to bridge to the 32-bit QuickTime process. It may be that in this rewrite of our QuickTime support, a feature such as this changed in behavior.


          I suggest submitting a bug report (or feature request) about this, which will let the After Effects team know about your need in this area.

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            awmetrogolf Level 1

            No i do not have QuickTime Pro. We have an upright digital display that we have our advertising running on. It runs .mov files and we have it set to repeat the video once its over, i use the MPEG4 codec to reduce file size. Its just weird that i have never had an issue with creating and .mov file with mpeg4 codec with cs3 to play properly (and repeat). Now with the cs5 it keeps freezing at the end of the video. Now i have to create the video in cs5, render it, then bring the video over to cs3 then re-render it so it will play properly. 


            I even tried to re-encode it with cs5 media encoder still with no luck.