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    Images missing in Project Manager

    NL_Derek-GsBV5a Level 1
      Hallo, I run RoboHelp for HTML 7.03.001, Windows XP, not on a network, output to CHM files.

      My project has 338 topics and 494 images; and 20 of the images do not appear in the Project Manager. They display and compile just fine; this problem is not mission-damaging but strange and inconvenient (I cannot access the Properties window of the `missing' images, so I cannot easily see where the image is used).

      I opened the CPD file using Access, and there I can see the problem. In the section "Image List" the path has become embedded in the field ImageFilename, and the FolderID is set to -2.

      For example my folder "Safety" contains safety icons like "Heavy.bmp" and "Pinch.bmp". The corresponding CPD lines have:

      `good' image: ImageFilename = "Heavy.bmp" and FolderID = "3";

      `bad' image: ImageFilename = "Safety\Pinch.bmp" and FolderID = "-2".

      I edited the CPD file using Access and corrected the `bad' line; restarted RoboHelp and the problem appeared solved; the image was again visible in the Project Manager. But when I deleted the CPD file, the situation returned to old; Pinch.bmp no longer in the Project Manager.

      As a test, I reversed the situation and converted a `good' image to `bad'; the results were as expected, the image was not visible on Project Manager but reappeared when I deleted the CPD.

      So where is RoboHelp storing the image information? I looked in the HHP, XPJ and PSS files an found nothing relating to images. Any other ideas?

      --- Derek