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    cf_flex_server_root incorrectly set on import

      Flex corrupted my project by simply trying to do a clean and build -- at runtime, Application.application is null in objects that reference it, other objects aren't being created and come back null. In the past, using an earlier build of flex, when this has happened, I could export and rebuild the project in another location and it would magically be restored. Why this can't happen on a clean and build seems to be a total mystery, including to Adobe's developers. I'm amazed at how many "Clean doesn't work" messages that are in this group that have not been responded to by Adobe -- certainly the problem exists and hasn't been addressed.

      So, I exported the project and re-imported it. Now, however, I get 4 errors that flex is "unable to open ''C:... [my project path] ...\WEB-INF\flex\libs\fds.swc. If I go in the flex build path under the library tab and try to correct this path to C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\flex\libs\fds.swc, flex replaces the "C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\" with "${CF_FLEX_SERVER_ROOT}". That would be fine if CF_FLEX_SERVER_ROOT pointed to the actual CF root. Instead, it points to the directory the flex project source is (Resource tab, Location value).

      CF_FLEX_SERVER_ROOT does not appear in the online help, or in any search in these groups. Where does it come from? How is it set? How do I keep flex from overwriting my entries in the library paths?

      And, this would all be moot point if clean really did it's job. ???

      Product Details:
      Flex Builder 3
      Version: 3.0.205647 (Help About Flex Builder 3 lists Build Wonder what happened to the .1. in the version #)?

      ColdFusion Extensions for Eclipse
      Version: 1.0.191910