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    Cannot Connect to Debugger

    D Baron

      Hi All,


      I have recently been stung by the 'cannot connect to debugger' problem.  Everything was fine 2 days ago.  Has been for the past 8 months.  Then yesterday I had a 'hard crash' while programming in FB 4 (standard edition) on Win 7.  I literally was typing some code when the dev environment 'stopped working'.  I eventually shut down the process and such.  Upon re-opening FB, things were mostly fine - it even saved my most recent keystrokes.  However...


      Today, when I tried to debug (on Firefox 3.6 with Flash 10.1) it would not work.  So, I upgrated to 10.3, both the 'regular' *and* the debugger versions of the plug-ins.  I tried to debug (a simple, 'hello world' type application) and it will not work.  I have shut-down FB, I have re-booted, I have checked my Hosts file... nothing.  I even just upgraded to FireFox 5...same result - 'cannot connect to debugger'.


      I researched this for hours now.  I guess 'many' people have had the 'cannot connect to debugger' problem over the past few years.  I have tried the trick - still cannot connect.   I have confirmed that the 'debugger version' is running inside Firefox because when I right-click on the app (when not trying to debug) I *do* see the 'Show Redraw Regions' option (which only shows up if running the debugger version of the plug-in).


      I am trying to avoid dozens of wasted hours, re-installing, re-booting, knocking head against wall - things that others have done over the years.  Does anyone have a magic, voo-doo trick I can try to get this running again?  It was all fine 2 days ago!  I am not sure if the issue is related to the 'hard crash' that FB had 2 days ago, but the timing is right, so it probably did.  I just don't know what else to check... For a simple, 1 file application ("hello world" with 1 line of AS code to serve as the breakpoint), it should just work, and there is not much to configure, right?


      Thanks in advance...