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    One way trip from PPRO to AEFX ?

    shooternz Level 6

      Can some one advise best way to "one-way" a  final edit from PPRO to AEFX.  (3 minute 05 sec music video)


      I have 2 alternative workflows to consider.  Both have there advantages and disadvantages.


      Option 1:


      I would really like to work on the native clips in AEFX ...and would like that the clips are in brought in as per edit.  (duration and  sequenced) on a single layer in AEFX comp.  I could cope if they came in multi layered but they do need to be in edit synch.


      I do not want to  deal with audio synch issues  in AEFX .


      The edit in PPRO CS5.5 is a Multi Cam Seq. (nest) plus 2 additional layers of video.

      The multicam includes blue screen clips.

      No fx or plugins are applied in PPRO.


      All fx work and final out put will be managed from AEFX (one-way and no return to PPRO)


      I do not need to be dynamic linked to PPRO.  ie. I just need to get the edit to AEFX.


      Alternately ... Option 2 ( much simpler but I lose the native clips advantage)


      Export a DI in PPRO and then "razor" it back into clips (scene changes) in AEFX.



      Maybe DNxHD or Uncomp AVI?



      Thoughts on first option anyone.