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    3D Recommendations

    zer0hvk Level 1

      Hey guys, I'm sorry to be a bother.

      I've been messing around with After Effects for a couple of months now, and before that I had been making 3D renders for about 2 years, mostly on Cinema4D, and mostly static renders.

      What I've been missing is the link to integrating both products for a great result, and I was hoping maybe some of you guys could help me out to figuring out how to make something like what's seen in this video by the marketing agency, Dare.



      Mainly in the scenes from:

      0:44 - 0:50

      1:06 - 1:10

      1:18 - 1:20

      1:26 - 1:31

      2:47 - 2:52


      In these scenes there's some use of 3D in them, and I was wondering how would some of you go about and do this kind of work. The 3D renders have a plain, cartoon-like color, do you think this was done directly from the render? Or could this have been made in post on After Effects? Do you think the 3D renders could've been made on Illustrator/Photoshop with their Repoussé/3D tools? Or would you do it on a 3D render-specific software?

      This is a pretty broad question and your opinions and points of view are that I'd like to read the most, as to how would you try to do this kind of work, I'd love to have a more concrete approach to a project like this. Anything you could help me out with would be excellent.

      You guys are amazing, I've been reading the answers to all the questions for about a month and I've learnt so much, keep up the great work!

      Thanks a lot!

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          zer0hvk Level 1

          Also, on second 0:11 the narrator mentions how many advertising agencies there are in the world, do you guys know how I can make that "number scrolling" effect? I'm sorry if I'm asking for way too much. I hope you've got the time to help me out.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            > Also, on second 0:11 the narrator mentions how many advertising agencies there are in the world, do you guys know how I can make that "number scrolling" effect?



            There are several resources for creating counters linked to from here.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              There's information about integrating After Effects with 3D applications here.

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                zer0hvk Level 1

                Hey, thanks a lot for those answers! I'll check them out right now.

                But, I was wonrering if you (or the other forum readers out there) could give me some answers that had to do more with their own experiences, as to how they would tacke a project like this, maybe.

                I hope you can help me out, I'd just like to wrap my head around the workflow that I'd have to learn to make something like this.

                Thanks again!!

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Cinema 4D is often the tool of choice for standalone 3D applications where After Effects is involved - it has nice tight integration capabilities that allow the easy export of camera and lighting data from your 4D work to an After Effects project.


                  But the example you've provided is a 95% After effects job, with just a few individual 3D elements added to the mix.  If I were replicating the sequence you've provided, I would probably just use a 3D plugin inside After Effects (like Zaxwerks 3D invigorator) because there's no real need to go further, and the ability to directly animate the object in tandem with the AFter Effects layers is a huge advantage.


                  I suppose it's possible that a Photoshop 3D layer could do some of that work, but I haven't really used that feature much - I don't find it very reliable, and the texture mapping is pretty basic.