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    PDF Test Toolkit disables IE with QTP


      I am running QTP 9.5, IE 8, and Acrobat Pro 9.4


      I added in the Adobe PDF Test Tool. When I loaded AcroQTP add-in, my IE would not open. I turned off the ActiveX add-in and I can get IE to open but on selecting links, more than one dialog box will open. Turning AcroQTP off and removing it as an add-in is the only way to get my scripts to run correctly. I used the unRegPDFTestToolkit.bat to remove the AcroQTP but still once QTP starts, my IE8 has all types of issues (doubling up on dialog windows, IE just won't open). Selecting the "Restore last session" button causes the IE just to close.


      Sometimes, for IE 8 to even work, I need to remove AcroQTP from being seen by the QTP add-in manager.


      Is there a solution to fix this issue?

      Thx for any kind responces ;-)