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    InDesign CS5 - Text has magenta halo when printing (InDeign file and PDF from InDesign)


      I've had the strangest thing happen.


      I have a job that I'm printing here in the office on a HP OfficeJet 8500A (755A). It's a membership directory 28 page (8-1/2 x 11 saddle stitched) for a small church group. I built it and then Exported it to High Quality PDF.


      The project is for 35 copies and I'm printing them out one page side at a time. Page one, fine. Page two fine. But then half way through page three it went funky and started printing with a magenta halo around all the text.


      So I cleaned the printer heads, adjusted the alignment etc. and printed the test samples all looks great.


      Started to print again and same problem, fuzzy text. So I opened a Word document and another PDF (not created from InDesign) I have and printed those. They both look great.


      So I tried printing from the original Indesign document and darn, fuzzy text.


      So, Word and another PDF print fine. The printer test pages print fine. Well I know sometimes files get a hiccup in them so I did a Save As to clear things up.


      I printed on copy straight from InDesign and it looked good. Made the PDF and oh know, it's back to printing fuzzy!


      So today I'm working on a brochure, completely different file and dang it, it's got fuzzy text too.


      I've tried different paper too. I 24# Inkjet paper and a 180gm HP Glossy Brochure stock.


      I can't figure out why other documents made with other programs are working OK but not InDesign. And what's even stranger to me is the first two pages printed just fine and half the third.


      Any help out there?




      P.S. I've tried printing the PDF's from both Acrobat X as well as Apple's Preview app.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It sounds like the text in question is probably not jut 100% K, but is being rendered as a four-color mix. There are  a number of ways this could be happening, and without seeing the actual file it may not be possible to tell, but I suspect you have transparency on the page and when it is flattened the type is being rasterized. Your printer is considered an RGB device (that is, although it prints with CMYK inks, it expects to receive RGB input and does an internal conversion), and if you send CMYK data there  will be two internal conversions, first to RGB, then back to CMYK, and this can cause some strange color shifts.


          First and foremost, if there is transparency on your page (actual transparent imagery or graphics, applied opacity changes, blend modes, or applied effects like drop shadows) your text should be at the very top of the stacking order. Next, the transparency blend space should be set to the color mode of the background or images.


          You can try exporting the PDF using Acrobat 5 or higher compatibility (The High Quality Print preset would be a good choice for this), which will keep the transparency live until printing from Acrobat, and that might help, too.