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    Dynamic Link: AE Comp Corruption


      I do the following:


      1. Import multiple source footage

      2. Create sub clips which I then drop into the sequence

      3. Right click each clip one by one and "replace with AE composition"

      4. Make edits in AE, save, and close out of AE

      5. Go back to Premiere Pro, apply effects, render out preview files


      Example results:


      10 sub clips in sequence replaced with AE comps as "Name Linked Comp 01/name_001.aep"


      Then: "Name Linked Comp 02/name_002.aep" is associated to two different composition clips




      1.Check the actual AE project and verify source footage and project file links are correct

      2. Delete comp clip from sequence and delete AE comp from Projects bin

      3. Purge memory and metadata cache and delete XMP file from source footage folder

      4. Import AE project composition using Dynamic Link

      5. In import window, AE project link is re-assigned to wrong AE comp


      Solution so far:


      1. Trash comp, clip, preview files in cache folder, purge cache

      2. Redo corrupted comp clip from scratch with new name


      I have already filed a bug report.


      Where is the reference data for each AE comp kept? How do I correct the association of the AE comps in the projects bin?


      Since the AE project is correct when opened in AE, this seems to be a Premiere Pro problem.


      Win7 SP1

      Quadro FX 3700

      Production Premium CS5.5