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    MXF Missing Audio in Media Browser, or Is it?

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      Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends.  Did you know it's going to be the Forth of July up in Canada and everywhere else in the world tomorrow too?   Can't tell you how many times I've been asked if we have the Forth of July in Canada.  Duh, of course!


      So I've got a weird thing going on.  I use Sony Clipbrowswer to cut up my BPAV files and trim everything down and then I convert them to MXF (I personally HATE the BPAV folder structure).  I look at the clips in Media Browser in PP and I get perfect video, but no audio.


      I then import the clips into the project and look at them in the Source Monitor.  Same thing.  Video, yes; audio no.


      I drag the exact same clips into the timeline and they come in with 4 channels of audio (huh?) and BOTH the video and audio work fine.  Not sure what's going on.  I would really like to see AND HEAR them in the media browswer and source monitor so I can set my in/out points.

      Any ideas?  BPAVs of the same files act normal, just not their MXF sister files.


      Happy Forth to everyone else in the world too!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Any ideas?


          Yep. The Source Monitor has the annoying limitation of only being able to preview one audio channel of a multi-track clip at a time. So, even though your source footage has four mono channels, by default, the Source Monitor will only preview Track 1. You can change that to Track 2, Track 3, etc., but no matter what, you can't hear a mixed monitor output.


          What I suspect is happening is that your first audio track doesn't have any audio, or it's very low. When you drop the clip wholesale into a sequence, you can hear the audio because you're getting all four tracks mixed. If you click the Output button in the Source Monitor and change to Audio Waveform view, you can use the track selector dropdown to choose which audio track you want to preview. Unfortunately, this isn't "sticky," so you'll need to do it each time you open a multi-mono clip, if your primary audio isn't on Track 1.


          I've made several feature requests for improvements to this functionality. I work a lot with P2 MXF, and this has driven me half-mad; whenever I interview, I put my primary audio (lav) on Track 2. Previewing and marking up clips like this is a bear without proper audio monitoring.


          Anyway... does that fix it?