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    Checking document exists (Foundation > FileUtilsService > Exists)


      Hello, I've got a problem with something that should be basic but has got me struggling.


      I have a process, its location:



      I have a PDF document, its location:



      The process is very simple, the first activity after the startpoint is to check that the document exists.

      To do this I am using:

      Foundation > FileUtilsService > Exists

      Input (literal value): /Applications/RenderPortfolio/1.0/Assets/Energy_0511.pdf

      Output (variable): blnDocumentExists



      Each time I invoke and playback this process it retuns blnDocumentExists with a value of "false", when I expected it to return "true" as my document path is correct.


      To test my fully qualified path, I replace the Foundation > FileUtilsService > Exists activity with Foundation > RepositoryService > Read Resource Content.

      Then invoke, and playback, using the Read Resouce Content as expected the pdf document is located and can be opened.


      What am I doing wrong with the Exists activity???