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    Problems with track matte key effect


      I'm using PRE 9 and following the tutorials on line for creating a track matte key to apply a blur to faces in video.


      No matter what I do I can't get the track matte to stay on the spot it belongs. Sometimes it follows the subject perfectly during playback while editing and scrubbing, then when the video is saved it is shifted off the subject.


      When moving the track matte to follow subject movement, very often when I release the mouse it shifts down and off of the subject, not by a lot most times but enough to uncover the subject I'm intending to cover.


      Is anyone else having this problem with PRE 9? I have read of past issues with the track matte key with other versions, wondering if it's still a problem with this version.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Without knowing what steps you've taken, it's hard to say.


          But certain effects do seem to perform differently with different video formats.


          Is your video from an AVCHD or hard drive camcorder (as opposed to a tape-based camcorder)? Is it hi-def video or standard def?


          Have you ensured that your project specs perfectly match your video specs? If you have, you will not see any red lines above the clips you add to your timeline until an effect or transition is added to them. Is that the case for you?


          How do you eventually plan to share or display your final video? There may be a simple workaround if you plan to use a standard-definition output (such as online or on DVD).

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            lhp007 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply...I know these are complex issues, so I'll try to explain as well as possible. This is mainly to perfect my technique in advance with this process so when and if I need to use it I won't be struggling for days trying to figure it out.


            Started out with a .mov video from a Nikon P7000, but converted this to .mpg in PRE 9, to try to minimize format issues, and saved to computer.


            Started with a brand new project and imported the previous converted .mpg. Rendered work area to produce green bar above video clips.


            Followed the steps to create the effect in "Cool trick 30" PDF (I downloaded and saved on my computer)


            Original video is on Track 1. Identical aligned copy of video is on Track 2. Track 3 is a title mask stretched to match length of video clip. Mosaic and Track Matte Key applied to video 2. Track matte points to video 3.


            When moving the mask to change the position of the mosaic blur, it keys to the various positions, but often what you see in the preview and scrub don't match the saved video. The blur will be out of position.


            Sometimes when moving the blur to reposition it, I have it exactly where I want it, but when releasing the mouse, it shifts out of position, usually down. Very inconsistent behavior. Besides .mpg, I also tried converting the test video to .wmv just for kicks and it produced the same results.


            I'm running PRE 9 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Initially I had very bizarre issues with the video drivers, and PRE 9 would open, but lock up and not allow me to see any video in the preview window, so I can't rule out a driver issue at this point either. That is now fixed and PRE 9 is working properly.


            Mainly wanting to see if I was doing anything wrong with my technique, but after studying the tutorials extensively, I seem to doubt it's that. Thanks a lot for your help.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Converting the MOV to an MPEG is probably not hthe best way to work, lh. MPEGs do not edit natively in Premiere Elements, so all you're doing is converting from one format PRemiere Elements is having problems with to another.


              What program are you doing your conversion with?


              You still haven't said how you plan to ultimately share this video, so I don't know if you're working to create a BluRay or a DVD or online.


              Assuming you're working on creating a standard-def video. In that case, you should see if your program can convert that MOV to a 720x480 DV-AVI. The FAQS to the right of this forum offer a list a programs and settings for creating a DV file that will load perfectly into Premiere Elements.



              This should produce a video file that, when placed in a project set up for DV, with load to the timeline with no red lines above it. Once you do that, you should not have problems creating your Track Matte effect.



              BTW, it sounds like you may have downloaded your how-to from http://Muvipix.com/CoolTricks.


              If so, that's my article from my book! So I know it will work.


              It's a great book on creating special effects in Premiere Elements, by the way. I'm very proud of it.

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                lhp007 Level 1

                I was just importing the .mov into PRE 9 itself to do the conversion with. The only other editing software I have besides PRE 9 is Roxio Creator, so maybe I can experiment using that to create the 720x480 DV-AVI suggested.


                As to the ultimate use of such edited video, it could be either for web display or DVD, as circumstances require.


                I will experiment with your suggestions and let you know how that works...very novice with video editing at this level is my problem.


                Your tutorial is great btw!


                Thanks again for your assistance.

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                  lhp007 Level 1

                  Well this seems to have made a big difference...instead of using the titler tool in PRE 9 for the mask, I used a mask created in Elements and imported as a .psd.


                  For whatever reason it moves and stays where I leave it after a shift in position, and tracks much more consistently as well. Not sure why this difference would exist between the two mask forms in my situation, but it appears to be the case.


                  Thanks greatly for the tips and suggestions on this.

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                    I have exactly the same problem, but in Adobe Premiere CS5. What is the solution? If somebody know, please, help!

                    Fot nr 1.jpg

                    Fot nr 2.jpg

                    Fot nr 3.jpg

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Welcome to the forum.


                      Unfortunately, this is the PrElements Forum.


                      If you have not done so, please post to the PrPro CS 5 Forum, and also please give the details of your Source Footage, plus the settings of your Sequence.


                      Good luck, and see you there,