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    RH9.0 HTML: Drop-down text format = (None) following project upgrade from RH7 to RH9


      Hi all,


      I am in the process of upgrading numerous RH7 projects (90+) that contain more than a few "Drop-down hotspots with text"

      Prior to upgrading, the dop-down text was style "Normal" (10pt Arial) from a dedicated CSS. Post upgrade, the style reverts to (None).


      When opening the converted project, text in all styles is Times Roman. Replacing the CSS has no impact, I have to edit the current CSS and change "Normal" back to Arial, all styles in the project are then correct except drop-down text, which loses all formatting (style = (None)).


      Editing the CSS reveals that the dropdown text should actual be Arial but even changing it to another font/point size and back agin before applying will not globally change the text in the hotspots.


      Whilst changing each instance is not difficult, it has become VERY tedious especially where there are nested links.


      Is this a known bug or am I just lucky!