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    Anyone familar with Invigorator Pro V5?

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I've just got the above plugin. Unfortunately I've had to start a biggish job and I haven't had a chance to look through all the tutorials yet.


      I've got a basic understanding to do what I need but I really need to know if I can parent (or is it child?) one of its objects to a 3D layer in the composition. I realise you can use a comp's camera but I really need to stick it to an object.


      Anyone know if this can be done?


      I have an object in the centre of the screen and various other objects fly in and stick to it. When they hit I want them to wobble a bit so I had made them children (is that the right expression?) of the centre object. The centre object then just rotated a bit to provide a wobble.


      I tried using a camera focused on the object and wobbling x and y positions but it doesn't look as good. So I'm wondering how I'll get this to work with invigorator objects.


      Any ideas?



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Invigorator 5 has a "layer tracking" function that allows you to link Inv. elements to an After Effects 3D layer.  Just search the Inv. help files for "tracking".


          Creating wobble is as simple as creating a few position and/or rotation keyframes.  Note that object motion naturally decays without additional force, so if your object hits another, it should wobble a lot, then a little less, then less again, before it comes to rest.

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            Dan Jacobsen Level 1

            Thanks Andrew,


            I had actually tried that, but it doesn't update movement changes very well so I thought it wasn't working - maybe it had to be linked to trackers or something.


            I've tried again and got it working.


            Job got cancelled, but at least I have some time to go through the tutorials now.