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    I have a wonky rotation!


      This is probably very easy to do, but I just can't get it to work.


      I want to have a logo rotating in constant loop in 360 degrees


      The logo consists of a circle, and the letter "A" on top of it, BUT the letter "A" has kind of diagonal lines coming out at an angle like wings on the top left of the letter "A", therefore the centre registration point is the centre of the entire shape, and not of the actual "A" which is where I want it to rotate from.


      I have moved the little circle rotation point using the transform tool, but when I run the movie it still rotates from the registration mark (+) and not the rotation point (o), giving me an awkward and weird looking spin.


      I am using: Code Snippets > Animation > Rotate Continuously on the shape to do the rotation, but it seems like it is ignoring the rotation mark (o) and just rotating on the registration mark (+)


      Can anyone please please tell me how I can really adjust the rotation point so it rotates from where I want?



      Thanking you greatly in advance for your help and advice.