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    Need information on adobe tool

    LifeCycle ES Dev1

      We are evaluvating a tool to convert word document to pdf for our prestegious client.
      Below are requirements,


      Requirement 1:

      Source- MS Word document
      Target- PDF

      1) Conversion of MS Word document to PDF through online. Here Word document content don't follow any specific layout disagn.

      User wants pdf format should be as same as Word document including font, file layout, header, footer.
      2) Target Pdf should dynamically generate content while reading  word document. i.e it has to replace <placeholders> with the data read from DB.
      3) Target Pdf should also merge some other pdf documents during conversion


      Requirement 2:

      Source- PDF
      Target- PDF

      1) User will provide PDF which has user data aswell as <placeholders>. We need to replace the <placeholders> with the data read from DB & generate PDF.


      Please let us know which adobe tool would suite better for above said requirements.


      Note: From my initial analysis  I found 'LiveCycle PDF Generator ES ' and 'LiveCycle Output ES2' are suitable to 'Requirement 1'. Please let me know your comments on this.