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    Flash Pro 5.5 BUG - Same FLA exports from CS5 - crashes from 5.5

    Filippo Gregoretti Level 1


      I have this project, same exact file, same exact location, same exact settings.


      I open it in CS5, it exports perfectly.


      I open it in 5.5, when I export, there is no code error, with lines or else, but only this in the output window:

      "Fonts should be embedded for any text that may be edited at runtime, other than text with the "UseDevice Fonts" setting. Use the Text > Font Embedding command to embed fonts." The swf of course is broken just like with a compiler error.


      There is no indication on where the textfield may be, or any useful indication other than that vague error.

      It seems all fonts and textfields management in CS5.5 is plagued with weird checks and output messages, slowing down library preview and causing these accidents. So far though, it never prevented me exporting from a perfectly working project.