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    Is it possible to display tool information in info pane?


      This is a Photoshop feature and I was wondering if there is an InDesign equivalent. In Photoshop, whenever a tool is selected, the Info pane shows information about it. For instance, if you select Crop, the Info pane says "Draw rectangular selection or move selection outline. Hold SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT for more OPTIONS." If you then hold SHIFT with Crop selected, the description changes to "Constrain selection to square or add to existing selection."


      This is VERY handy. Is there anything similar in InDesign? I see no such information in the Info pane. Sometimes I watch the cursor change in InDesign (for instance, a small white triangle is added to the cursor for the Text tool when you hover over the column guide) and I'm just at a loss to figure out what it means in terms of the tool's functionality.