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    No AVCHD or any HD supported in CS 5.5 ?!

    mambo88 Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      Today i installed the Adobe CD 5.5 master package, and when i started Premiere Pro i immediately noticed that there where no video presets supporting any kind of modern HD video such as AVCHD or XDCAM. So i made my own preset and tried to import some video's. But it wasn't possible, Premiere says the .m2ts file format is not supported. Same thing with .mts files.


      After Effects sayd the files where damaged, couldn't import any AVCHD files either...


      So what's up with this ? My CS5 is still running, luckyly  and there seem to be no problems with my files.


      Somehting gone wrong during the CS 5.5 installation ?


      Anybody any idea why i have no AVCHD support in my CS 5.5 ?


      Thanks in advance !

      Kind Regards,