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    Problem in CS5 with web URL links


      HI. I have a newletter with links to web URLs in it. Until inDesign CS5, they automatically "went live" in my PDF version. Since I upgraded to CS5, if there is a line break, the URL only picks up the first line, until the soft line break, so many of the links don't work. I have set it for no hyphenation... have selected the URL and made it a "hyperlink from URL"... In some cases that works and in some cases it doesn't, and I can't figure out why. What am I missing? Thank You.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This has alawys been the way it works. Unless you actually create hyperlinks in ID and include them in the export options, the only links that will work in a PDF are things that LOOK LIKE a URL to Acrobat or Reader, and are activated by the program iteslf reading the text (which is a User setting, not guaranteed), and such "automatic" links do not work across line breaks.

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            queenkonk-sue Level 1

            Thank you Peter, for answering.


            I must have been lucky in the past.

            (Or maybe no one ever mentioned some of my links didn't work until now.)


            Thanks for the tip about the export. That did the trick!



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              AceLitho Level 1

              We have a similar problem - although the problem is with 5.5, not 5.

              We create both static and interactive PDF versions of a newsletter. When working in CS5, the links (imported from a Word document) all work fine - even through the line breaks (hyphenation is off).

              In the same file brought into CS5.5, most, but not all, of the links are broken at the line endings. We first thought the client was doing something different but we tested it thourighly and found that doing the exact same thing in CS5.5 with the exact same files, causes the links to be incomplete. This is a newsletter that can have 100s of links and to have to fix all of them would be a pain. We have gone back to CS5 for this particular job but if we get more like this we will have to do the same.

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                queenkonk-sue Level 1

                I am working in CS5 (it says version 7) - it was acting just as you describe.

                I got mine to work every time by doing this:


                I paste the link into the inDesign document. I make sure it has the www and everything,

                but it doesn't appear to need the http:// in the front of it.


                Then I carefully highlight it (careful not to pick up an extra space before or after).


                Then I go to the TYPE menu, select HYPERLINKS & CROSS REFERENCES

                and from the pop-out CREATE NEW HYPERLINK from URL.


                This works.

                I have found if I need to change it I have to delete the whole area and start over, but it gets me there.


                I found if I use the global command right below that I also get into trouble trying to change things later.


                Hope it helps you!



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                  AceLitho Level 1

                  I'm sure that would work but I'm trying to avoid the whole manual linking process. This newsletter has 100s of links so your method is very tedious.

                  Like I said, it works in CS5 (version 7) but not in CS5.5 (version 7.5).

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                    John Hawkinson Level 5

                    It sounds like you've encountered a bug in InDesign CS5.5's Word import? Can you simply it to a single word document with a single link that fails in one and works in the other? Does doc vs. docx help?

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                      AceLitho Level 1

                      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I have not had a chance to try your "single link" file idea yet - however - we knid of did what you suggested with the complete file (we actually get many word documents (.doc not .docx)) and brought the same file into CS5 and CS5.5. The resulting PDF worked fine from CS5 but not CS5.5.


                      As soon as I get a chance I will try making my own Word doc and docx files and see if that tells me anything - but I'm not sure why that would be any different then what we have done already.